Management for health services delivery

Sub-national and district management:
Needs assessment and situation analysis

Rapid assessment

  • How to Conduct a Rapid Situation Analysis: A Guide for Health Districts in South Africa
    David McCoy and Lesley Bamford, 1998, Health Systems Trust
    Framework; information available; collecting information needed; profile of district; health status and problems; management support systems; referral system; private sector
    (62 pages, pdf 635kb)
  • Conducting Local Rapid Assessments in Districts and Communities
    Management Sciences for Health
    Advantages of local rapid assessment; preparation; 7 step approach; example Ethiopia; checklist
    (Web page with links to topics - click on the underlined headings to see the details)
  • Rapid Needs Assessment for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
    WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia
    1. The Needs Assessment tool with checklists to obtain a complete overview with the essential details for water and sanitation needs in an emergency
    2. Guidance notes and field tips on use of the needs assessment tool and hos to face common problems or issues
    3. Reporting format to summarize the findings from the needs assessment
    4. Flash Proposal Format: As part of every emergency situation flash appeals are necessary to find the resources to address the needs that have been ascertained.
    (27 pages, pdf 552kb)