Management for health services delivery

Sub-national and district management:
Needs assessment and situation analysis

Health system assessment

  • Tools for Assessing Operationality of District Health System
    pdf, 366kb

    L.G. Sambo, R.R. Chatora, E.S.M. Goosen, 2004, WHO Regional Office for Africa, AFR/DHS/03.06
    Covers objectives of the assessment, participation and preparation for the assessment; reviewing records and infrastructure; report writing; dissemination and use of results; guidelines for the two accompanying questionnaires which cover: hospitals, health centres and transport in the district; management structures and processes; supervision, drug management, referral system, information system; priority health activities, community invlvement; budget processes, human resources, equipment and supplies
    (112 pages, pdf 366kb)
  • Tools and Methods for Health System Assessment: Inventory and Review
    pdf, 2.30Mb

    Phyllida Travis and David Weakliam, 1998, Brief description of 26 tools: purpose and scope, approach, key actors, experience in use, commentory (81 pages, pdf 2.1MB - note, this is a large document to download)