Management for health services delivery

Sub-national and district management:
The management context: MDGs, PRSPs, SWAPs

Sector Wide Approach

  • The Sector-Wide Approach: organising principle for bilateral development cooperation
    2004, Sector-Wide Approach support group
    • The aim is to increase the impact of aid by improving its quality and effectiveness
    • emphasises building partnerships, country ownership and co-operation between donor countries with long-term commitment to funding
    • good governance, institutional development and capacity building
    • how a sector-wide approach to development can be used in practice
    (40 pages, pdf 118kb)
  • The Sector-Wide Approach: a Blessing for Public Health?
    Guy Hutton & Marcel Tanner, Bulletin of the World Health Organization, December 2004, 82 (12)
    Country leadership, management capacity, flow of resources, monitoring and evaluation
    (2 pages, pdf 59kb)
  • A Guide to WHO’s Role in Sector-wide Approaches to Health Development
    2006, WHO/CCO/06.1, Country Focus Department of Health Policy, Development and Services
    Engaging in health sector policy dialogue; SWAPS and health sector reform; working across sectors; working with partners; improving the effectiveness of development assistance; involvement of civil society and nongovernmental organizations; being clear on WHO’s role at country level; WHO’s role in the different phases; working within the UN country team; WHO rules and procedures
    En français: Présentation du rôle de l'OMS dans les approches sectorielles du développement sanitaire
    (27 pages, pdf 1.47MB - note, this is a large file to download)
  • Aid Effectiveness and Health
    pdf, 299kb

    WHO/HSS/healthsystems/2007.2, R. Dodd, G. Schieber, A. Cassels, L. Fleisher and P. Gottret
    The context in which aid for health is delivered; slow progress towards the health MDGs, despite increases in aid for health; recent trends in development assistance for health; the aid architecture in health; health as one of the most challenging sectors for development partners to support; recent emergence of global health partnerships; recent approaches to improving aid effectiveness in health; the Paris Declaration as a critical vehicle for aid effectiveness efforts in health; “lessons learnt” and best practice. Three Ones; innovative financing arrangements.
    (25 pages)
  • ELDIS topic page: Sector Wide Approach
    DFID Resource Centre