Management for health services delivery

Sub-national and district management: District health system

District system

  • Health System Performance In Developing Countries: Management Matters, Not Just Resources
    2006, Disease Control Priorities Project
    Even in resource-poor settings, it is possible to deliver quality care through better health system management and organization and to use additional resources effectively.
    (2 pages, pdf 450kb)
  • The Critical Role of District Hospitals
    2006, Disease Control Priorities Project
    A well-functioning district health system includes community health centers offering primary care services and outreach, and district hospitals that receive referrals from health centers. This organizational structure is fundamental to effective health care, and failure to recognize the interrelationship between local- and district-level facilities has resulted in high health costs and inefficiency.
    (3 pages, pdf 292kb)
  • The Role of the District Hospital in the DHS
    Kwik-Skwiz #9, 1998, Health Systems Trust
    10 features of a good district hospital, district-wide support function of the hospital, relationship between the hospital and district management
    (4 pages, pdf 483kb)
  • The District Health System, Experiences and Prospects in Africa, Manual for Public Health Practitioners
    Editors: Helmut Görgen, Thomas Kirsch-Woik, Bergis Schmidt-Ehry, 2004, GTZ
    1 The Concept of the District Health System (DHS)
    2 Planning and Management
    3 Health Services at Primary Level
    4 The District Hospital
    5 Human Resources Development
    6 Costs and Financing
    8 Community Involvement in Health Care
    9 Technical Services and Maintenance
    10 Disaster Preparedness at District Level
    (265 pages, pdf 3.3MB)