Management for health services delivery

Sub-national and district management: District health system

Access to services

  • Designing Health & Population Programs to Reach the Poor
    Lori S. Ashford and Davidson R. Gwatkin, 2006, Population Reference Bureau, USAID, The World Bank
    The poor are less healthy than the rich; Public health spending favors the better-off; Why do the poor receive less health care?; Directing program benefits toward the poor; Promoting universal coverage of basic health care; Poverty mapping: identifying where the poor live; Increasing the availability and quality of health services; Developing public-private partnerships; Creating incentives for health providers and clients; Increasing community participation; Health financing approaches; Case studies; Monitoring and evaluation tools, sample questionnaires; Comparing inequality among programs or across time periods; Suggested additional resources
    (32 pages, pdf 494kb)
  • Vouchers for Health
    Voucher scheme to treat and prevent sexually-transmitted diseases in Nicaragua. Peter Sandiford, Anna Gorter, and Micol Salvetto, 2002, The World Bank Group
    Flow of vouchers and funds; increasing access, incentives for better quality or lower cost; using scarce public resources effectively
    (4 pages, pdf 150kb)
  • User Fees and Catastrophic Expenditures
    WHO website
  • User Fees - Key Issues Guide
    ELDIS website
    Advantages and disadvantages of user fees

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