Management for health services delivery

Sub-national and district management:
Assessing management performance

For frontline managers

  • A Barometer of District Hospital Management
    Kwik-Skwiz #27, 2000, Health System Trust
    Core management functions, checklist for assessing management, resources to help
    (4 pages, pdf 478kb)
  • Using Direct Observation Techniques
    Recent Practices In Monitoring and Evaluation, TIPS #4, 1996, USAID
    Advantages, limitations, when to use, steps, analysing data validity and reliability
    (4 pages, pdf 24kb)
  • Measuring Institutional Capacity
    Recent Practices In Monitoring and Evaluation, TIPS #15, 2000, USAID
    Measurement issues: comparability, objectivity, quantification, internal and external assessments, practicality; institutional assessment tools; measuring individual organizational components; developing indicators; examples of tools and indicators
    (25 pages, pdf 315kb)