Management for health services delivery

Sub-national and district management: Planning and budgeting of services

Essential package of care

  • Essential health packages: what are they for? what do they change?
    2008, WHO Health Services Delivery Technical Brief No.2
    Aim to concentrate scarce resources on interventions which provide the best 'value for money', improved efficiency; equity; political empowerment, accountability, and more effective care; a guaranteed minimum; there must be additional deliberate efforts to improve access. Implementing an EHP is not just a technical exercise. Political and institutional processes need to be engaged; EHPs are not a solution for weak management. Implementation has implications for budget allocations, essential medicines lists; the distribution and training of health workers and information systems.
    (14 pages, pdf 192kb)
  • Packages of services and activities at different levels of the health system
    2004, WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific
    Focus on HIV/AIDS treatment and care. The purposes of defining packages of services and activities to be available at each level of service delivery (tertiary, intermediate/district, and community) are to:
    1. clearly outline the services and activities to be provided at each level of service delivery
    2. promote efficiency in service delivery while avoiding overlap and unnecessary costs
    3. enable effective referral mechanisms to be developed between each level of service delivery
    4. provide guidance for planning of HIV/AIDS care and treatment, including costing and allocation of resources such as personnel, drugs, diagnostics, and supplies to be provided at each level
    (8 pages, pdf 95kb)
  • Essential Health Services Packages: Uses, Abuse and Future Directions
    Eleuther Tarimo, 1997
    Priority setting, country examples, quality of service delivery, aid to decision-making, where to start, system-wide approach, leadership, learning by doing.
    (44 pages, pdf 1.4MB - note, this is a big file to download)