Management for health services delivery

Sub-national and district management: Planning and budgeting of services

For higher level managers

  • A Results-Based Logic Model for Primary Health Care
    Diane E. Watson, Anne-Marie Broemeling, Robert J. Reid and Charlyn Black, 2004, Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada (
    PHC inputs, activities, outputs and outcomes in the Canadian system; health care management - levels and activities; health system efficiency, effectiveness and equity; sustainability; monitoring and evaluation
    (34 pages, pdf 905kb)
  • Priorities in Health
    Edited by Dean T. Jamison, Joel G. Breman, Anthony R. Measham, George Alleyne, Mariam Claeson, David B. Evans, Prabhat Jha, Anne Mills, Philip Musgrove, 2006, The World Bank
    Successful interventions and health systems; cost effectiveness analysis; cost effective strategies for excess burden of disease in developing countries; cost effective strategies for for noncommunicable diseases, risk factors and behaviours; service delivery; health system and management
    (236 pages pdf 1.2MB - note: this is a big file to download)
  • District Health Facilities: Guidelines for Development and Operations
    WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific, 1998
    Hospitals planning and design, selection and maintenance of hospital resources, solutions
    (379 pages, Go to the bottom of page 4 and click on Table of contents. Then click on the underlined headings)