Management for health services delivery

Sub-national and district management: Reforms


  • Decentralization and governance: does decentralization improve public service delivery?
    2001, The World Bank
    Decentralization holds great promise for improving the delivery of public services—but outcomes depend on its design and on the institutional arrangements for implementation.
    (4 pages, pdg 121kb)
  • Central Issues in the Decentralization Debate
    Edited by J. Figueras, M. McKee, E. Mossialos & R. B. Saltman, 2007, European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies
    Chapter 1 from Decentralization in Health Care
    Defining and measuring decentralization; outcomes of decentralization; objectives, rationale and controversies of health decentralization
    (13 pages, pdf 93kb)
  • Decentralization and Health System Reform Issue in brief
    Brinkerhoff,D. and Leighton,C., 2002, Partners for Health ReformPlus
    Definitions, objectives and functions of decentralization; authority and responsibility; capacity gaps; vertical and horizontal integration; design, implementation and evaluation of decentralization
    (12 pages)
  • The Decentralization Mapping Tool
    2004, Management Sciences for Health
    Decentralization changes the way health systems and organizations are managed, but the new roles are rarely spelled out in sufficient detail. The Decentralization Mapping Tool (DMT) is designed to probe for managers’ perceptions about two important concerns: (1) the way responsibility and authority are distributed among management levels and (2) the extent to which responsibility for and authority over management functions have already been decentralized.