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Do you have written policies, procedures, standards, guidelines or other tools related to management of health services that have been developed in your area that others might find useful?

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What are we looking for here?

Clear and specific information that is helpful to managers in their daily functions and in providing health services: click on the link to see a

A few examples of useful information to share:

  • A statement or policy that clearly outlines the roles and responsibilities of different levels of the health system - not only in broad terms, but very specifically, for example, stating who is responsible for each function such as procurement of drugs

  • A statement on the rules regarding access to services - not just broadly, but specifying what services are meant to be available to people in what locations, at what cost, or at no cost

  • A policy or guideline on procurement of appropriate technology

  • Documented procedure for competitive bidding for contracting services

  • Documented procedure for identifying those who are to be exempt from charges

  • Documented procedure for transparency and accountability to the community for how the health budget is spent

  • A maintenance schedule for buildings, equipment and vehicles

  • Standards regarding staffing numbers, mix and distribution

  • Standards for patient privacy and maintenance of personal information

  • Standards for quality and patient safety

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