Management for health services delivery

Management of health facilities:
Health centres and clinics

Tools and guidelines

  • Health Centres: The 80/20 Imbalance - Burden of Work vs Resources
    1999, WHO/HSD/99.3
    Indicators, quantification framework, resource support to health centres, comparing input and output at different levels of care
    (50 pages, pdf 2.5MB)
  • Health facility survey
    Quality of care, evaluation, IMCI, forms, analysis, scenario, data analysis, indicators
    (Web page with further links to parts of the guidelines and survey forms, 181 pages in total. Click on underlined heading to get the details.)
  • District Health Facilities: Guidelines for Development and Operations
    Regional Office for the Western Pacific, 1998
    Planning, facility design, equipment, drugs, different levels of facilities/services evaluation
    (349 pages, pdf 478KB)
    (Go to the bottom of page 4 and click on Table of Contents. Then click on the underlined headings)

  • Standards of Care for Health Centres - Managing Health Centres
    Ministry of Health of Jordan, 2002
    Health centre management; job descriptions, accounting systems, procurement
    (112 pages, pdf 1.4MB)
  • Using Data to Improve Service Delivery: A Self-Evaluation Approach
    Anne LaFond, Eckhard Kleinau, Lonna Shafritz, Suzanne Prysor-Jones, Fara Mbodj, Baba Traore, Etienne Dembele, Mouhamadou Gueye, Dr. Mountaga Bouaré and Christine Snow, 2003, Center for Applied Research on Population and Development (USAID)
    Using data to identify needs and solve problems: antenatal care, assisted delivery, preventive infant visit, childhood immunization, family planning, and community involvement in health care management; blank worksheets
    (158 pages, pdf 3.1MB)
  • Clinic Supervisors Manual
    2004, Management Sciences for Health
    Organizing a supervisory visit; reviews of: clinic administration, information systems, referral system, quality of clinical care, community involvement, health program, training and problem solving; explanation, guidelines, checklists, and other supervisory tools
    (175 pages, pdf 1.1MB)