Management for health services delivery

Management of health facilities: Hospitals

The role of hospitals

  • The Role of the District Hospital in the DHS
    Kwik-Skwiz #9, 1998 Health Systems Trust
    10 features of a good district hospital, district-wide support function of the hospital, relationship between the hospital and district management
    (4 pages, pdf 483kb)
  • Configuring the Hospital in the 21st Century
    Nigel Edwards, Sylvia Wyatt, Martin McKee, 2004, European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies
    Examines the questions that policy-makers need to be asking about the hospital's role in the health care system, e.g.: Which health care services should the hospital provide? Is the hospital a useful unit for planning?
    (9 pages, pdf 437kb)
  • The role of the hospital in a changing environment
    Martin McKee & Judith Healy, Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 2000, 78 (6)
    Summarizes the evidence underlying three reform strategies: (i) behavioural interventions such as quality assurance programmes; (ii) changing organizational culture; and (iii) the use of financial incentives.
    (8 pages, pdf 211kb)
  • Report On Reducing The Impact Of Disasters On Health Facilities
    WHO Regional Office for the Americas, 2004
    Dealing with the loss of health assets in the wake of disasters; incorporating disaster mitigation measures for the sustainability of capital health investments: new hospitals designed, built and maintained to continue to function immediately after a disaster
    (7 pages, pdf 126kb)
  • The Role of the Hospital in the District: Delivering or Supporting Primary Health Care?
    W. Van Lerberghe & Y. Lafort, 1991 WHO
    Working with health centres, district health system, management models
    (36 pages, pdf 1.1MB)
  • Management of District Hospitals - Exploring Success
    ID Couper, JFM Hugo, 2005, Remote and Rural Health, 5:433.
    Teams working together for a purpose; open communication and sharing information is the way things happen; management structures and processes to support teamwork and service delivery; being answerable to the community
    (19 pages, pdf 441kb)