Management for health services delivery

Management of health facilities: Laboratory services

Country experiences

  • Quality Assurance in Health Laboratory Services: A Status Report
    2003, WHO Regional Office for South East Asia
    (Website, click on the blue underlined headings to access the report.)
  • Quality Standards in Health Laboratories Implementation in Thailand: A Novel Approach
    Mayura Kusum and Panadda Silva, 2005, WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia
    Systematic approach to ensure quality; organizational management and structure; documentation; monitoring and evaluation; training; quality standards; differences between national and ISO standards; strategies and their implementation; establishing partnerships for implementation of work;project; an assessment of the participating units’ satisfaction; lessons learnt.
    (66 pages, pdf 258kb)
  • Essential medical laboratory services: their role in delivering equitable health care in Malawi
    2007, RJ Dacombe, SB Squire, ARC Ramsay, HT Banda, I Bates, WHO Liverpool Associates in Tropical Health UK and REACH Trust, Lilongwe, Malawi
    Examines the establishment of Essential Medical Laboratory Services and their crucial role for delivering equitable health care to the poor population of Malawi as part of the Essential Health Package; the potential for and current limitations of extending these services closer to the community.
    (7 pages, pdf 33kb)