Management for health services delivery

Management of health facilities: Referral systems

For higher level managers

  • Module 5: Referral and Network Development
    WHO Regional Office for South East Asia
    Rationale for the development of a referral system and networks; continuum of care; levels of care; case study
    (6 pages, pdf 60KB)
  • Developing and maintaining a functioning referral system
    A Chapter from "Care of mother and baby at the health centre: A practical guide"
    Referral protocols, specifying when and to where, should be an essential part of the standard management protocols developed for all health workers; Functional links with referral centres; transportation and communication; reception of referred cases in referral centres

  • Establishing Referral Networks for Comprehensive HIV Care in Low-Resource Settings
    Leine Stuart, Judith Harkins, and Merywen Wigley, 2005, Family Health International
    Facility-based referral, community-based referral, elements of a referral network, facilitating referral; monitoring and evaluation
    (17 pages, pdf 369KB)
  • Referral Hospitals
    pdf, 349kb

    Martin Hensher, Max Price, and Sarah Adomakoh, 2006, Oxford University Press and The World Bank
    see Chapter 66 from "Disease Control Priorities in Developing Countries"
    Characteristics of referral hospitals; unit costs of care; equity and access; improving efficiency of referral hospitals; improving functionality of the referral system;
    (27 pages, pdf 341KB)
  • Referral Hospitals: Vital Services, not Disease Palaces
    Disease Control Priorities Project, 2008, The World Bank and World Health Organization
    Providing specialist services; equity in access to services; balance of services; value for money from hospital services; management of referral services; enhancing referral system functioning;
    (4 pages, pdf 283kb)