Management for health services delivery

General management topics: Change management

For frontline managers

  • Implementing Change: From Ideas to Reality
    Jack Silversin and Mary Jane Kornacki, 2003,
    American Academy of Family Physicians

    Getting beyond the status quo; vision and leadership; options and win-win; human capital; align resources, structure and processes; monitoring and feedback
    (6 pages, pdf 250kb)
  • Change Management Guideline
    pdf, 193kb

    Office of Information and Communications Technology, 2002, Australian Department of Commerce
    Roles, commitment, resistence, communication, team work
    (13 pages, pdf 189kb)
  • Leading Changes in Practices to Improve Health
    pdf, 255kb

    2004, Management Sciences for Health, Cambridge MA
    Making the case for changing practices; types of changes; successful change; critical success factors; dealing with people's reactions to changes; preparing your team for change; assessing readiness for change; taking action to change practices; checklist for change
    (24 pages, pdf 250)
  • Communication and Change Management
    WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific
    The change process; desired outcomes and key performance indicators; project planning; phases of change management experience; the change agent; change management; change management team; building commitment; acknowledge and manage resistance; information sheets, skill sheets, exercise sheets, facilator' guide
    (61 pages, pdf 636kb)