Management for health services delivery

General management topics: Change management

For higher level managers

  • Leading Changes in Practices to Improve Health
    - Global Health Technical Brief

    Claire Bahamon, 2005, Management Sciences for Health
    A 5 step process to identify, test and scale-up new practices; critical success factors for change efforts; leading the change process; deal with individual reactions to change;
    (2 pages, pdf 166 kb)
  • Leadership Development Learning Module 3: Facilitating Institutional Change
    2007, African Health Research Forum Fellowship Program
    Institutional change also includes individuals and partners or stakeholders connected to the institution. Six primary steps in institutional change: situation analysis, vision development, planning change, implementing change, monitoring and evaluating and sustaining change. Sustaining institutional change is dependent on the institutional environment as well as the mechanisms for leadership succession.
    (15 pages, pdf 267kb)
  • A Guide for Fostering Change to Scale Up Effective Health Services
    pdf, 537kb

    2007, WHO and USAID
    Examples proven approaches to effective change; principles that are fundamental to effective change; “how-to” steps for successful change; key challenges related to the steps and recommending strategies, tools, or approaches for meeting those challenges;
    (56 pages, PDF 537kb)
  • Learning to Live with Health Economics: Economics of Management and the Process of Change
    Edited by H. Zöllner, G. Stoddart and C. Selby Smith, 2003, WHO Regional Office for Europe
    Health economics, delivery of health care; health policy; socioeconomic factors; health services accessibility; health care reform; cost–benefit analysis; health care outcome assessment; program evaluation methods; forecasting; teaching materials
    (87 pages, pdf 504kb)