Management for health services delivery

General management topics: Communication and negotiation

For frontline managers

  • A District Communication Strategy for Health
    Kwik-Skwiz #3, 1997, Health System Trust
    Scope of strategy, principles for computerisation, lessons from health link
    (2 pages, pdf 155kb)
  • Communication in Participatory Approaches to Health Care
    2005, Healthlink Worldwide and Malaria Knowledge Programme, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
    Recommendations; approaches and constraints
    (2 pages; pdf 113kb)
  • How to Negotiate
    1998, Western Organization of Resource Councils
    Strategy, start easy, where to meet, charm, allies and adversaries
    (4 pages, pdf 71kb)
  • Dealing with Advocacy - A Practical Guide
    Joke van Kampen, The Asia Initiative, EC, UNFPA
    Advocacy strategy; building bridges; networking; forming coalitions taking action; breaking silence; opposition;
    (12 pages, pdf 156kb)
  • Time for Action on TB Communication
    pdf, 320kb

    Satyajit Sarkar and Thomas Scalway, edited by Kathryn O’Neill, 2005, The Panos Institute, London
    Better communication includes advocacy, social mobilisation and programme communication; consolidating approaches; networks of affected people; partnerships; strengthening health systems; maintaining commitment; setting targets; priority areas for action
    (24 pages pdf, 320kb)
  • Communication Skills
    "Leadership and Strategic Management for TB Control Managers", 2008, WHO Regional Office for South East Asia
    Exercises to understand communications channels, barriers to effective communication and enhance your skills
    (28 pages, pdf 317kb)