Management for health services delivery

General management: Ethics

Code of ethics: examples

  • Code of Ethics and Conduct for the Public Service Tanzania
    1998, United Republic of Tanzania
    Ethical conduct and behaviours; respect human rights and being courteous; discipline and diligence; team work; pursuing of excellence in service; exercise responsibility and good stewardship; transparency and accountability; discharge duties with integrity; political neutrality
    (16 pages, pdf 300kb)
  • Ghana Health Service Code of Ethics
    Defines the general moral principles and rules of behavior for all service personnel in the Ghana Health Service
  • Fundamental Principles of the Public Service, “Honoring The People’s Trust”
    2008, Puerto Rico Office of Government Ethics
    Covers commitment, trust, respect, service, responsibility, integrity, honesty and justice
    (16 pages, pdf 72kb)
  • Code of Ethical Principles and Conduct
    2002 WHO Regional Office for the Americas
    Example of information for staff at PAHO, and requirement to sign.
    Safeguarding principles and values; making ethical decisions; standards of conduct; rights, responsibilities and oblications.
    (29 pages, pdf 227kb)
  • Voluntary Code of Ethical Conduct for Recruitment of Foreign-Educated Nurses to the United States
    AcademyHealth, the MacArthur Foundation and the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law
    The Code evolved from the recognition that international recruitment needs to be conducted in an ethical way that balances diverse stakeholder interests. It sets out standards for fair and transparent recruitment, the provision of cultural and clinical orientation, and best practices to ensure that recruitment is not harmful to nurses’ home countries.
    (4 pages, pdf kb)