Management for health services delivery

General management: Ethics

Curbing corruption

  • Good Governance for Medicines: Curbing Corruption in Medicines Regulation and Supply
    2007 Why good governance is essential; 3 stage process of implementing a good governance programme.
    (2 pages, pdf 121kb)
  • A User's Guide to Measuring Corruption
    UNDP and Global Integrity
    Explains the strengths and limitations of different measurement approaches, and provides practical guidance on how to use the indicators and data generated by corruption measurement tools to identify entry points for anti-corruption programming. The appendix provides an indicator selection checklist, a list of corruption indices and national tools for measuring corruption.
    (81 pages, pdf 596kb)
  • Corruption and Poverty - A Review of Recent Literature
    Eric Chetwynd, Francis Chetwynd, Bertram Spector, 2003, Management Systems International and USAID
    Economic model; governance model; economic growth; income distribution; governance capacity; government health and education services; public trust in government
    (22 pages, pdf 75kb)
  • A Call for Action on Corruption in Health Systems
    2006, Transparency International
    Covers causes of corruption in the health sector; the scale of the problem; corruption in hospitals; unauthorised payments staff require from patients; corruption in the pharmacy sector; lessons learned from country efforts to curb corruption; country experiences; research.
    (Website with links to sections of the report)
  • Corruption fighter's toolkit
    Transparency International
    A compendium of practical civil society anti-corruption experiences described in concrete and accessible language. It presents innovative anti-corruption tools developed and implemented by TI National Chapters and other civil society organizations from around the world.
    (Website with links to toolkits)