Management for health services delivery

General management: Ethics

Country experiences

  • Combating Corruption in Tanzania: Perception and Experience
    2006, Afrobarometer Briefing Paper 33
    A set of questions about the quality of education and health services reveals troubling results. On these questions, 29% report that they have encountered demands for illegal payments at their local clinic or hospital – compared to 15% who say they actually made such payments. The difference suggests that perhaps Tanzanians are also feeling increasingly empowered to resist such demands.
    (8 pages, pdf 257kb)
  • Delivery of Social Services on Mainland Tanzania: Are People Satisfied?
    2006, Afrobarometer Briefing Paper 34
    Survey findings suggest a marked improvement in the government’s performance in the health sector in the last few years. However, effective strategies need to be put in place towards ensuring that people are better able to access quality health care. Some of the common concerns centre around shortages of essential medicines, the presence of skilled human resources, long waiting times, the cost of health care (formal and informal), and the attitude of health care providers towards their clients.
    (12 pages, pdf 340kb)
  • Health Ethics in 6 SEAR Countries
    Edited by Nimal Kasturiaratchi, Reidar Lie and Jens Seeberg
    Organizations involved in regulating medical practice; Teaching of medical ethics; Ethics in clinical practice; Research ethics;
    Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Shri Lanka
    (85 pages, pdf 225kb)
  • Transparency and Corruption in the Health Sector: A Conceptual Framework and Ideas for Action in Latin American and the Caribbean
    William D. Savedoff, 2007, Inter-American Development Bank
    Defining corruption and fraud in health; classifying by roles and responsibilities; identifying vulnerabilities in the health system structure; how corruption and fraud are manifested, What to do about corruption in Latin America and the Caribbean’s health systems?
    (29 pages, pdf 288kb)