Management for health services delivery

General management topics: Knowledge management


  • A Tool for Sharing Internal Best Practices
    Margaret D’Adamo and Adrienne Kols, 2005, The Info Project, USAID
    This tool includes a step-by-step process, tips, case studies and links to additional resources that explain how an organization can more effectively share its own best practices internally.
    (23 pages, pdf 213kb)
  • Tools for Knowledge and Learning: A Guide for Development and Humanitarian Organisations
    Ben Ramalingam, 2006, Overseas Development Institute (ODI), London
    The tools presented provide different frameworks which can be used to plan, monitor and evaluate knowledge and learning initiatives: 1. The Five Competencies Framework; 2. Knowledge Audit
    3. Social Network Analysis; 4. Most Significant Change; 5. Outcome Mapping
    6. Scenario Testing and Visioning
    (91 pages, pdf 713kb)