Management for health services delivery

General management topics:

For higher level managers

  • Topical Briefs for Leaders
    2007, The World Bank Institute Leadership Development Program and The Institute of Public Administration of Canada
    - Alternative Service Delivery
    - Citizen Centered Service
    - Codes of Ethics
    - Conflict of Interest
    - Single-Windows and Integrated Service Delivery
    - Whistle-blowing
    - Performance Measurement
    - Public-Private Partnerships
    - Electronic Government
    (32 pages, pdf 370KB)
  • Ethical Leadership in Action: A Handbook for Senior Managers in the Civil Service
    2005, Civil Service Bureau, Copyright, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Government
    1. Awareness: statutory provisions relating to bribery offences; conduct and discipline; vulnerability to corruption and malpractice;
    2. Assessment: checks and balances; values and conduct of staff;
    3. Action: clear direction; acting as a role model; monitoring and control; integrity programmes; aligning the people and the system in support of an ethical culture
    (46 pages, pdf 102KB)
  • Health Economics as a tool for leaders
    David A. Gunnarsson, C. Selby Smith and H. Zöllner, 2003, WHO Regional Office for Europe
    Health economics, delivery of health care; health policy; socioeconomic factors; health services accessibility; health care reform; cost–benefit analysis; health care outcome assessment; program evaluation methods; forecasting; teaching materials
    (67 pages, pdf 686KB)
  • Developing Managers Who Lead
    2002, Management Sciences for Health
    Leadership values, practice, challenges, development, examples
    (Website with links to 23 sections: click on the underlined headings)
  • Toolkit: Resources to Support Managers Who Lead
    Management Sciences for Health, 2005
    This is the exercises part of the manual; includes Leading and Management Framework; the challenge model; creating a shared vision; recognizing your sphere of influence; developing measurable results; analyzing stakeholder interests and concerns; diagnosing root causes; distinguishing challenges from problems; setting priorities; urgency matrix; coaching teams; giving useful feedback; and more...
    (98 pages, pdf 607KB)
  • Leadership and Strategic Management for TB Control Managers: Leadership Styles
    2008, WHO Regional Office for South East Asia
    Exercises on determining your style of leadership
    (24 pages, pdf 293KB)

African Health Research Forum Fellowship Program, Leadership Development Learning Modules
Links to 8 modules: