Management for health services delivery

General management topics: Management competencies

Capacity assessment

  • Measuring the Competence of Healthcare Providers
    Neeraj Kak, Bart Burkhalter, and Merri-Ann Cooper, 2001,
    Quality Assurance Project Quality Assurance Project (USAID)

    The link between competence and performance;
    how competence is acquired; behavior change;
    assessment methods
    (28 pages, pdf 544kb)
  • Capacity and Institutional Assessment. Frameworks, Methods
    and Tools for Analysis

    Peter Morgan and Suzanne Taschereau, 1996, Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
    Stakeholder analysis; environmental mapping; sector institutional assessment; capacities and vulnerabilities assessment; institutional assessment; participatory rural appraisal; and gender analysis of institutions and organizations
    (20 pages, pdf 79kb)
  • Supervisor Competency Self-Assessment Inventory
    1998, Management Sciences for Health
    Assessment by 8 areas of competency; development plan
    (7 pages, pdf 32kb)
  • Managerial Styles
    "Leadership and Strategic Management for TB Control Managers", 2008, WHO Regional Office for South East Asia
    Exercises to determine your managerial style
    (24 pages, pdf 293kb)
  • Assessing Management Performance
    Geoffrey F. Smith and Karen Zimbelman, 1987, Cooperative Grocer
    Simple but systematic, impersonal, future oriented