Management for health services delivery

General management topics: Management competencies

Closing competency gap

  • Closing the Management Competence Gap
    GL Filerman, Human Resources for Health 2003, 1:7
    The success of any organized health program depends upon effective management. Management development for health systems, particularly at the first line of supervision, must be
    given much higher priority by senior leaders and for investment.
    Human resource development leaders must be the advocates for making the investment in managerial competence.
    (3 pages, pdf 155kb)
  • Strengthening Management in Low-Income Countries
    pdf, 551kb

    2005, WHO/EIP/healthsystems/2005.1
    Effective strategies, the Montreux challenge, past experiences and current practice; weaknesses in management support; tracking progress
    (20 pages 551kb)
  • Managerial competencies of hospital managers in South Africa: a survey of managers in the public and private sectors
    Rubin Pillay, Human Resources for Health 2008, 6:4
    There is a lack of management capacity within the public sector in South Africa - a great need for further development of managers, especially in the public sector. The onus is on administrators and management educators to make available training that is contextually relevant in both design and delivery.
    (18 pages, pdf 154kb)
  • Introducing Excellence
    2003, European Foundation for Quality Management
    An excellence model; fundamental concepts of excellence, self-assessment and performance improvement; standards related to each part of the model
    (16 pages, pdf 1MB)
    en français: Introduction à l’Excellence
    en español: Introducción a la Excelencia
    em portugés: Indrodução à Excelência
  • Promoting Institutional and Organisational Development: A Source Book of Tools and Techniques
    David Wilson and Lindsay Beaton, 2003, UK Department for International Development
    Impact analysis; change forecasting; open systems model; SWOT; problem tree analysis; risk management matrix; benchmarking; business process reengineering; change management; force field analysis; stakeholder management; monitoring and evaluation
    (52 pages, 473kb)
  • Learning for Performance: A Guide and Toolkit for Health Worker Training and Education Programs
    pdf, 610kb

    "Catherine Murphy, Lucy Harber, Nancy Kiplinger, Amanda Stang and Judith Winkler. 2007, The Capacity Project, USAID
    Performance improvement; instructional design; the importance of understanding the human resources for health context; maximizing the success of learning interventions
    A Step-by-Step of Process of Learning for Performance
    Step 1. Learning goal
    Step 2. The learners and their work setting
    Step 3. Resources and requirements
    Step 4. Job responsibilities and major job tasks
    Step 5. Essential skills and knowledge
    Step 6. Learning objectives
    Step 7. Learning assessment methods
    Step 8. Learning activities, materials, approaches and the instructional strategy
    Step 9. Materials development
    Step 10. Preparation for implementation
    Step 11. Implementation
    Step 12. Assessment
    (84 pages, pdf 597kb)
  • Capacity, Change and Performance
    Heather Baser and Peter Morgan with Joe Bolger, Derick Brinkerhoff, Anthony Land, Suzanne Taschereau, 2008, The European Centre for Development Policy Management
    competencies and capabilities; the influence of context and its interactions with capacity; what works why and when; sequencing and timing; capacity, performance and results; capacity assessments and monitoring and evaluation; future trends and challenges in capacity development; summaries of 8 case-studies that are the basis of the report
    (166 pages, pdf 1.1MB)
  • Management Effectiveness Programme
    WHO Regional Office for Eastern Mediterranean
    The MEP has been introduced by a number of countries of the Region including Iran, Syria and Egypt. who have adapted its elements according to their own specific strategy for improving the management of health care services and health outcomes.
  • Introduction to Strategic Management
    Susan Scribner, Latin America and Caribbean Regional Health Sector Reform Initiative (LASHCR)
    Forward-thinking, outwardly focused, performanced based
    (20 pages, pdf 115kb)
  • Systems Practice, Managing Complexity
    Open University
    Systems thinking; different perspectives; boundaries; models and maps; emergence
    (Web page with links to sections of self paced learning programme)