Management for health services delivery

General management topics:
Research into action

For higher level managers

  • How is research knowledge translated into policies?
    Policy Brief, 2007, Medical Research Council South Africa
    Translating research knowledge into policy and practice is a more complex and context sensitive process than simply producing the evidence. Researchers need to be aware of factors influencing the demand for different types of research; work closely with key stakeholders and networks; and acknowledge the roles of important interest groups.
    (2 pages)
  • Communicating Health Research: How Should Evidence Affect Policy and Practice
    Exchange Findings No. 5, 2006, Healthlink Worldwide
    Communicating research includes more than disseminating findings; networking and capacity development can make stronger links between research, policy and practice; power affects who can participate in research and policy networks; evidence can be generated locally by combining critical enquiry with robust evaluation methods
    (6 pages, pdf 170KB)
  • Enhancing Research Uptake through Communication, Networking and Capacity Development
    2005, Healthlink Worldwide and Malaria Knowledge Programme, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
    Translating and communicating findings intrinsic to good research; trans-disciplinary approaches; local relevance and participation;
    (4 pages; 233KB)
  • Making Research Matter: a Civil Society Perspective on Health Research
    David Sanders, Ronald Labonte, Fran Baum, & Mickey Chopra,
    Bulletin of the World Health Organization, October 2004, 82 (10)

    Health services research; delivery of health care; non-governmental organizations; primary health care; epidemiologic factors; health priorities; policy making; social justice; consumer participation; evidence-based medicine
    (7 pages, pdf 490KB)
  • World Report on Knowledge for Better Health: Strengthening Health Systems - Summary
    2004, ISBN 92 4 156281 1
    Bottlenecks and constraints in health systems; future challenges; improving health systems research; overcoming barriers to using research; communicating research results; strengthening use of research in decision-making;
    (40 pages, pdf 320KB)
  • Bridging Research and Policy In International Development: An Analytical Framework
    2004, Overseas Development Institute
    The problem of power without knowledge; politics and institutions; Evidence: credibility and communication; Links: influence and legitimacy
    (4 pages, pdf 57KB)
  • Leadership Development Learning Module 6: Linking Research to Action
    2007, African Health Research Forum Fellowship Program
    Doing the right things: evidence is critical for planning policies and programs to ensure that approaches are realistic and based on knowledge about what works to make best use of scarce resources. Doing things right: evidence is also essential to assess implementation of policies and programs, to measure anticipated results, and to identify the causes of unexpected outcomes. Systematic reviews are more important than individual studies to bridge the gap between knowing and doing.
    (13 pages, pdf 216KB)
  • Bridging Research and Policy: Context, Evidence and Links
    Emma Crewe and John Young, 2002, Overseas Development Institute
    The problem of power without knowledge; politics and institutions; Evidence: credibility and communication; Links: influence and legitimacy; Why is research ignored? Pressures facing policy makers and researchers ; Gender policy neutralised in practice; Simple research messages used to rationalise flawed policies; The potential of information technology; Policy networks; Grassroots research has a global impact on policy making; Using information to influence policy in Indonesia
    (33 pages, pdf 323KB)
  • Will It Work Here? A Decisionmaker’s Guide to Adopting Innovations
    2008, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
    An innovation is a new way of doing things to improve health care delivery- it may be a product, a service, a process, a system, an organizational structure, or a business model. If it is new to your organization, it is an innovation, even if it has been around for a while in other contexts. The Guide uses a modular format that permits readers to move around the text - it is designed to facilitate use by busy decisionmakers, layering questions for consideration to allow users to select an appropriate level of detail.
    (116 pages, pdf 1MB)
  • Traduire les recherches sur la santé en actions
    Comment utiliser les recherches pour des interventions ciblées et pour guider les politiques de gestion.