Management for health services delivery

General management topics: Risk management

Risk websites

  • Harvard Center for Risk Analysis
    Harvard School for Public Health
  • Risk Doctor
    David Hillson
    Website with various pdf documents; coaching and mentoring; organisational benchmarking; process review; risk review;
    See "Briefings" under "Publications" for documents in a range of languages.
  • Basic Considerations in Risk Management
    Carter McNamara, 1999, Free Management Library
    Assessment, protection, computers and risk
  • Risk Management Framework
    2005, Office of Government Commerce
    Define how management of risk will be handled within the local context
    (Note the coloured words indicating links.)
  • Risk Communication - Online course
    Pacific Open Learning Health Network (POLHN)
  • WHO STEPwise approach to surveillance (STEPS)
    STEPS is a sequential process, starting with gathering information on key risk factors by the use of questionnaires (Step 1), then moving to simple physical measurements (Step 2), and only then recommending the collection of blood samples for biochemical assessment (Step 3).