Management for health services delivery

General management topics: Team building and delegation

For frontline managers

  • Setting up a District Management Team: Lessons from Impendle/Pholela/Underberg
    Kwik-Skwiz #5, 1997, Health Systems Trust
    Role of district team, consultation with community and other sectors, lessons from South Africa
    (2 pages, pdf 155KB)
  • On Being in Charge : Leading a Health Team
    Rosemary McMahon, Elizabeth Barton, and Maurice Piot, 1992
    Sharing objectives with team; motivating team members: recognition, responsibility, advancement; delegating authority and responsibility; using different styles of supervision; problems of inefficient administration;
    (14 pages, pdf 596KB)
  • Delegation Guidelines for Registered Nurses
    College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia, 2004
    Context, deciding when to delegate
    (12 pages, pdf 112KB)
  • Team Building
    "Leadership and Strategic Management for TB Control Managers", 2008, WHO Regional Office for South East Asia
    Exercises to understand and improve team work
    (28 pages, pdf 317KB)