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Africa Health Facilities Innovation Conference

Pursuit of Excellence: Improving Patient Care and Hospital Performance Through Innovation. 16- 18 March 2010

The Africa Health Facilities Innovation Conference will host above 1,500 senior health care leaders and practitioners across the continent. The conference will focus on the most promising advances in health facilities planning design and construction, health care quality and safety and performance improvement with particular emphasis on the leader’s role and responsibilities in hospitals and health systems. It will look at the leadership commitment needed to reinvent health facilities, strengthen physician relationships, examine opportunities for financing and payment reform, and explore strategies for engaging the workforce in creating cultures that attract and retain critical personnel and result in a better patient experience. Our educational tracks will focus on the most promising advances in health facilities planning, redesign and policy, health care quality, safety and performance improvement with a strong emphasis on the role and responsibilities of leaders. We’ll zero in on creative thinking and strategic approaches that will help us all create more sustainable and successful futures for our organizations. We’ll share the most promising innovations and ideas for delivering better health care to your communities in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. If you’re a health leader in Africa pursuing excellence, this is the conference you’ll want to attend.
This is an official invite to you and your organization at the above stated Africa Health Facilities Conference
The Organizing Secretariat values your contribution and experience in the industry hence this most important invite to share the platform and network with healthcare leaders from Africa and across the globe. Your participation will however be validated through the completion of the attached registration forms as the Conference Registrar will limit representation as per the invites and organizational nominations.
The AHFIC will host above 1500 delegates from across Africa and globally. Seats are therefore limited with a special request being a must for a delegation of above 11 delegates per organization. All special registration requests should be addressed to the Conference Registrar, Ms Michelle Buthelezi.
For further information please kindly contact me through email at , or fax 086 500 3516.