Management for health services delivery

Making Health Systems Work Series

The series in English

The "Making Health Systems Work" working paper series
is designed to make current thinking and actual experience on different aspects of health systems available in a simple and concise format for busy decision makers. The papers are
available in hard copy and on the WHO health system website.

Working paper 11
Working paper 10
  • Towards better leadership and management in health
    pdf, 723kb

    A report on an international consultation on strengthening health leadership and management in low-income countries, 29 January - 1 February 2007, Accra, Ghana. It includes agreements on key issues, a framework for action, a set of good practice principles, and recommendations on actions. (37 pages)
Working paper 9
  • Aid effectiveness and health
    pdf, 299kb

    This paper discusses aid effectiveness, stressing the unique complexities of the health sector. Recent approaches to improving aid effectiveness for health are examined and suggestions are made that support the principles of the Paris Declaration. (25 pages)
Working paper 8
Working paper 6
  • Economics and Financial Management: What do District Managers Need to Know?
    pdf, 358kb

    A summary of interviews with managers in eight countries and analysis of related tools and training materials. The paper presents a list of core topics for district health managers in the fields of health economics and financial management based on the challenges they face, such as multiple funding sources and the need to raise additional funds. (40 pages)
Working paper 5
Working paper 4
Working paper 2
Working paper 1
  • Strengthening Management in Low Income Countries
    pdf, 299kb

    Management capacity is often cited as a constraint to achieving public health goals, yet the course of change remains unclear. This paper summarizes key challenges and effective strategies in developing middle management capacity in low-income countries, and the role of the international community. (20 pages)