Management for health services delivery

Management strengthening framework:
Adequate number of managers

Workforce planning

  • Health human resources planning and the production of health: Development of an extended analytical framework for needs based health human resources planning
    S. Birch, G. Kephart, G. Tomblin-Murphy, L. O’Brien-Pallas, R. Alder and A. MacKenzie, 2007, SEDAP Research Paper No. 168
    The requirements for human resources in the future is shown to depend on four elements: the size and demographic mix of the population (demography), the levels of risks to health and morbidity in the population (epidemiology), the services deemed appropriate to address the levels of risks to health and morbidity (standards of care), and the rate of service delivery by providers (productivity). Application of the framework is illustrated using hypothetical scenarios
    (39 pages, pdf 128kb)
  • An Approach to Estimating HR Requirements to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals
    N. Dreesch, C.Dolea, M. Dal Poz, A. Goubarev, O. Adams, M. Aregawi, K. Bergstrom, H. Fogstad, D. Sheratt, J. Linkins, R. Scherpbier and M. Youssef-Fox, Health Policy and Planning 2005 20(5):267-276.
    (1) Identify the needs for services, (2) Identify the interventions required to deliver these services, (3) Identify the tasks and skills required to deliver those specific interventions, (4) Estimate the time requirements for each of the interventions, (5) Identify possible overlap/synergies (6) Estimate adjusted full-time equivalents
    (10 pages, pdf 155kb)