Management for health services delivery

Partnerships management: Accountability to stakeholders

For frontline managers

  • Creating and Implementing a Local Transparency Initiative
    Malcolm L. Russell-Einhorn, 2003, Open Society Institute
    Public participation in government decision-making; accountability mechanisms; information; visibility; incentives for integrity;
    case study: Romania (10 pages, pdf 204kb)
  • Social and Public Accountability: Using Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys and Report Cards Surveys
    Parmesh Shah, 2002, World Bank
    Collective public voice; preparing and running survey; survey report and media releases
    (11 pages, pdf 132kb)
  • Pathways to Accountability, A short guide to the GAP Framework
    pdf, 592kb

    M. Blagescu, L. de Las Casas and R. Lloyd, 2006, One World Trust, Global Accountability Programme
    Four dimensions of accountability: transparency, participation, evaluation, and complaint and response mechanisms. To be accountable, an organisation needs to integrate all four dimensions into its policies, procedures and practice, at all levels and stages of decision-making and implementation, in relation to its key stakeholders. The GAP Framework is meant to complement legal and regulatory frameworks, sector-wide accountability initiatives, codes of conduct, international norms and other standards that are already in place.
    (20 pages)
  • Guide to Health Authority Accountability Documents
    pdf, 438kb

    Alberta Health and Wellness, 2005, Crown Copyright, Government of Alberta
    Example of accountability guidelines in the health sector in Canada
    (47 pages)