Management for health services delivery

Partnerships management: Accountability to stakeholders

Country experiences

  • Responsiveness and Accountability in Malawi
    2006, Afrobarometer Briefing Paper No. 31
    Citizens expect their leaders to make decisions and perform their duties according to the will and wishes of the people they serve. But to hold elected officials accountable, citizens must be aware of what is happening.
    (6 pages, pdf 273kb)
  • TEHIP - Crunching the Numbers, Using evidence about the population’s health helps to effect change
    2004, Tanzania Essential Health Interventions Project, IDRC Canada
    Using population based data to plan, budget and monitor health services more effectively
    (4 pages, pdf 77kb)
  • Trust in Public Finance. Citizens Views on Taxation by Local Authorities in Tanzania
    pdf, 478kb

    Odd-Helge Fjeldstad, 2004, Research on Poverty Alleviation
    Trust in service delivery, collection and allocation of revenues, Improving the system
    (4 pages, pdf 467kb)
  • Service Accountability and Community Participation in the Context of Health Sector Reforms in Asia
    Ranjani K. Murthy and Barbara Klugman, 2004, Health Policy and Planning 19(Suppl. 1): i78–i86
    Setting up of community health structures, decentralization and community financing are three important strategies used for promoting participation and accountability within reforms. Participation contracts enhancing powers of civil society representatives, quotas for participation for women, other marginalized groups and rights-based organizations, and investment in capacity building of these stakeholders are pre-requisites if participation is to lead to health and SRH service accountability. Community participation and service accountability hence requires more and not less investment of resources by the state.
    (9 pages, pdf 88kb)
  • Creating and Implementing a Local Transparency Initiative
    Malcolm L. Russell-Einhorn, 2003, Open Society Institute
    Public participation in government decision-making; accountability mechanisms; information; visibility; incentives for integrity;
    case study: Romania (10 pages, pdf 204kb)