Management for health services delivery

Partnerships management: Involving communities

Communities & research

  • Conducting a Participatory Evaluation
    Performance Monitoring and Evaluation TIPS #1, 1996, USAID
    Characteristics, purpose, 7 steps, rapid appraisal methods
    (4 pages, pdf 27kb)
  • Making Research Matter: a Civil Society Perspective on Health Research
    D. Sanders, R. Labonte, F. Baum, & M. Chopra, WHO, Bulletin of the World Health Organization, October 2004, 82 (10)
    Health services research; delivery of health care; non-governmental organizations; primary health care; epidemiologic factors; health priorities; policy making; social justice; consumer participation; evidence-based medicine
    (7 pages, pdf 490kb)
  • Responsible Research with Communities: Participatory Research in Primary Care
    North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG), 1998
    Process: establishing partnerships, education and capacity building; ethical considerations; codes of ethics; empowerment; addressing complexity; solving problems and resolving conflicts; examples; measuring success
    (28 pages, pdf 225kb)