Management for health services delivery

Partnerships management: Intersectoral collaboration

For frontline managers

  • Multisectoral collaboration
    2006, WHO
    Focus on road traffic injuries; Why collaborate? What kind of collaboration can be developed? Definition of key concepts;
    (12 pages, pdf 146KB)
  • Partnering for Results: User Guide to Intersectoral Partnering
    Chanya L. Charles, Stephanie McNulty, and John A. Pennell, 1998, USAID
    Form, function, set-up, process, facilitation, results, benefits, challenges
    (22 pages, pdf 131KB)
  • An introduction to Multi Agency Planning using the Logical Framework Approach
    Philip N. Dearden, 2005, Centre for International Development and Training, University of Wolverhampton, UK
    Getting people involved; stakeholder analysis; assessing the present situation, problem and possibilities; clarifying where we want to go, vision and objectives; identifying how we will get there, logical framework, strategies, approaches, activities; what might stop us getting there, analysing and managing risks; how will be know when we have arrived, milestones and indicators; how can we prove it, examining the evidence. A series of checklists are provided.
    (60 pages, pdf 1.3MB - Note: this is a big file to download)