Management for health services delivery

Partnerships management: Intersectoral collaboration

Country experiences

  • Crossing Sectors – Experiences in Intersectoral Action,
    Public Policy and Health

    2007, Collaboration between EQUINET, the Health Systems Knowledge Network of the Commission on SDH and the Public Health Agency of Canada.
    Experiences in more than 15 countries relating to:
    • the types of problems addressed through intersectoral action
    • the conditions that shape horizontal and interjurisdictional collaboration
    • tools, mechanisms and approaches to support Intersectoral Action
    • roles played by the health sector and other actors
    (54 pages, 1.4MB)
  • Shaping Livable Cities, Stories of Progress Around the World
    pdf, 631kb

    Editor: Kristina Taboulchanas, 2006, International Development Research Centre, Canada
    real-world examples of successful efforts to promote sustainable and equitable development, and to make a particular community, city or group of cities healthier and better places to live.
    (36 pages)