Management for health services delivery

Partnerships management: Working with partners

Stakeholder analysis

  • What is stakeholder analysis?
    pdf, 38kb

    The World Bank
    what is stakeholder analysis; who are stakeholders; when to conduct stakeholder analysis; data collection, analysis and presentation
    (8 pages)
  • Guidelines for Conducting a Stakeholder Analysis
    pdf, 411kb

    Kammi Schmeer, 1999, Partnerships for Health Reform
    Process, collecting, recording, analyzing and using the information, sample forms
    (42 pages)
  • Stakeholder Analysis
    Health Action in Crisis, WHO
    Uses; the basic tool; 4 steps in conducting stakeholder analysis; stakeholder mapping; stakeholder analysis in an emergency
    (11 pages, pdf 216kb)
  • Stakeholder Analysis Guidelines
    Kammi Schmeer, Latin America and Caribbean Regional Health Sector Reform Initiative (LACHSR)
    (Policy toolkit for strengthening health sector reform)
    Process, collecting, recording, analyzing and using the information
    (48 pages, pdf 329kb)
  • Learning resources on stakeholder analysis
    International Centre for Development Oriented Research in Agriculture
    Stakeholder matrices; approaches; key concepts
    (Web page with links to short learning resources)
  • Notes on How to do a Stakeholder Analysis
    Department of Land Affairs -South Africa
    Identification, checklists, influence, assumption and risks, participation, using findings
    (Web page)