Management for health services delivery

Partnerships management: Working with partners

Country experiences

  • Partnership work: Case presentations: care and treatment of HIV/AIDS
    pdf, 1.10Mb

    Hedwig Goede and Walid El Ansari (ed.), 2002
    Opportunities and constraints to health services - community partnerships; examples of different types of partnerships in Uganda, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh
    (30 pages, pdf 1MB)
  • Unraveling the Factors behind the Growth of the Indonesian Family Planning Private Sector
    Chandani, Taara, Barbara O’Hanlon, and Sara Zellner , 2006, Private Sector Partnerships-One project, Abt Associates Inc.
    This case study documents Indonesia’s family planning experience with a view to understanding the factors and conditions that led to the remarkable growth in the private sector’s role in delivering family planning services.
    (webpage with link to 59 page document, pdf 559kb)
  • Towards Unity for Health: Managing a Successful TUFH Field Project
    Edited by Jack Bryant, Charles Boelen and Buz Salafsky, 2001, World Health Organization and University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford
    Effective planning, education and utilization of health manpower to better respond to people's priority health concerns; integration of individual health and public health; The WIZ Model for Inter-organizational Collaboration; active partnership among policy-making bodies, health service organizations, professional associations, educational institutions and civil society; indicators for monitoring TUFH
    (68 pages, 453kb)