Management for health services delivery

Management of health programmes:
Health promotion and education

For frontline managers

  • A Field Guide to Designing a Health Communication Strategy
    Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Center for Communication Programs, 2003
    Changing people’s behaviour; participatory and evidence-based; results-based; one-to-one communication; community based initiatives and a range of media; cost-effective, sustainable flexible to adapt to changing circumstances
    (Web page with links to 9 chapters and 4 annexes: click on the underlined heading to get the materials)
  • Regional Guidelines for the Development of Healthy Workplaces
    1999, WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific
    Advantages of a healthy workplace; guiding principles; the healthy workplace process; building a multidisciplinary and intersectoral partnership; steps in building a healthy workplace initiative; workplace policies; the organizational environment; the physical environment; lifestyles and personal health skills; health services; impact on the external environment; develop networks for healthy workplaces
    (65 pages, pdf 200kb)
  • The Gender Guide for Health Communication Programmes, Center Publication No. 102.
    pdf, 502kb

    Faria Zaman and Carol Underwood, March 2003, Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health / Center for Communication Programs.
    Five steps for developing a health communication program: analysis, strategic design, message/materials development, pretesting and production, management, implementing, monitoring and evaluation; questions to identify and address gender issues
    (28 pages, pdf 491kb)
  • A Quick Guide to Health Literacy: Fact Sheets, Strategies, Resources
    2005, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
    Health literacy concepts; techniques for improving health literacy through communication, navigation, knowledge-building and advocacy; examples of health literacy best practices; suggestions for addressing health literacy in your organization.
    (35 pages, pdf 419kb)
  • Going Local: Using Knowledge at the Local Level
    Council on Health Research for Development, 2002
    How knowledge management is understood and practised in the context of development, with a focus on the access to, and use of, health knowledge at the community level.
    (36 pages, pdf 105kb)
  • Radio Broadcasting for Health - a decision makers guide
    pdf, 533kb

    Information and Communication for Development, 2004, UK Department for International Development
    Health messages and formats; community radio: opportunities and constraints; public and international radio: opportunities and constraints; radio for social mobilisation; building links for better health broadcasting; radio checklists; popular radio formats
    (50 pages)