Management for health services delivery

Management of health programmes:
Health promotion and education

For higher level managers

  • Skills for Health. Skills-Based Health Education including Life Skills: An Important Component of a Child-Friendly/Health-Promoting School
    Information Series on School Health, 2003
    Define key concepts; skills-based health education (theories and principles), intersectoral collaboration, planning and evaluation
    (90 pages, pdf 413kb)
  • Health Promotion Through Self-care and Community Participation: Elements of a proposed programme in the developing countries
    Khanindra Kumar Bhuyan, BioMed Central Public Health 2004, 4:11
    Supportive policies; self-care clearinghouses; self-care promoted in schools and workplaces; developing personal skills of individuals; disseminating self-care information; a personally held self-care manual and health record, designed jointly by the community and professionals; periodic monitoring and evaluation; effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of self-care interventions; potential for health promotion and cost reduction
    (12 pages, pdf 336kb)
  • Navigating Health: The Role of Health Literacy
    Ilona Kickbusch, Suzanne Wait, Daniela Maag, 2006, Alliance for Health and the Future, International Longevity Centre-UK
    What is health literacy? "the ability to make sound health decisions in the context of everyday life." The prevalence and costs of poor health literacy are high. Health literacy is a public health imperative; HL skills are needed in sickness and in health. Poor health literacy is a key component of health inequalities; What works? Taking responsibility
    (24 pages, pdf 745kb)
  • Principles of Good Partnerships for Strengthening Public Health Education Capacity in Africa
    pdf, 218kb

    Council on Health Research for Development, 2004
    Vision of partnerships; 7 principles of good partnerships; partnership objectives; taking partnership guidelines forward
    (32 pages)
  • Make Roads Safe: A New Priority for Sustainable Development
    pdf, 1.06Mb

    2006, Commission for Global Road Safety
    A global public health crisis; why are road traffic injuries ignored? the experience of high income countries; can road safety knowledge transfer work? Transport infrastructure, road safety and the MDGs; a global road safety action plan; what are road safety risk factors?
    (71 pages)
  • Communication for better health
    INFO Project of the The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health - website
    How managers can build effective behavior change communication (BCC) programs.
    Even though the focus is on reproductive health, the basic principles and processes apply to all fields of health communication for behaviour change.
    • A systematic process that guides planning and implementation to achieve intended results.
    • Scale-up of BCC activities and the cost-effectiveness of doing so.
    • Development of audience profiles, messages, and good-quality materials.
    • Measurement of progress towards objectives, plus evaluation designs.
    • How to manage entertainment-education projects.
    • Media relations strategies to reach the public.