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Management of health programmes: Malaria

Malaria websites

  • WHO Malaria website
  • WHO Global Malaria Programme website
  • Roll Back Malaria Partnership website
  • Malaria Consortium
    Malaria Consortium is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to combating malaria and other communicable diseases among the poorest and most vulnerable people in Africa and Asia. Resources on many malaria topics are freely available.
  • Malaria Journal
    Malaria Journal is an Open Access, peer-reviewed, online journal monitored by Thomson Scientific (ISI), MEDLINE and PubMed. All articles are published without barriers to access, immediately upon acceptance.
  • Malaria - An On-line Resource
    Division of Laboratory Medicine at Royal Perth Hospital, Australia
    sections on Diagnosis, Prophylaxis, Treatment and History as well as an innovative interactive "Test & Teach" self assessment module. A trilingual CD-ROM version of the website content is available free of cost to institutions without, or with only limited internet access.
  • ELDIS Guide on Malaria
    DFID Resource Centre