Management for health services delivery

Management of health programmes:
Noncommunicable diseases and mental health

  • The burden and costs of chronic diseases in low-income and middle-income countries
    pdf, 193kb

    Dele O Abegunde, Colin D Mathers, Taghreed Adam, Monica Ortegon, Kathleen Strong, 2007, The Lancet Vol 370 December 8, 2007
    Disease burden and loss of economic output with cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, and diabetes—in 23 countries which account for around 80% of the total burden of chronic disease mortality in developing countries. If nothing is done to reduce the risk of chronic diseases, an estimated US$84 billion of economic production will be lost from heart disease, stroke, and diabetes alone in these 23 countries between 2006 and 2015.
    (10 pages, pdf 189kb)
  • Technical Briefing 1: Sources of data on lifestyle risk factors in local populations
    2005, Association of Public Health Observatories
    Potential sources of local-level lifestyle data: National surveys, Synthetic estimates derived from national surveys, Local surveys, NHS primary care data, Datasets offered by commercial organisations; Suitability of different sources for meeting different lifestyle information needs: Smoking, Obesity, Physical activity, Diet, Alcohol consumption/binge drinking , Multiple risk factors
    (42 pages, pdf 648kb)
  • Chronic Disease: An Economic Perspective
    pdf, 1.25Mb

    London: Oxford Health Alliance
    Chronic diseases account for the greatest share of early death and disability worldwide. Over the next few decades this burden is projected to rise particularly fast in the developing world. This paper assesses and evaluates the current state of knowledge, with a primary focus on low- and middle-income countries.
    (60 pages)
  • WHO Cardio-vascular Disease Risk Management Package for Low and Medium Resource Settings
    Protocols for 3 different scenarios; CVD risk assessment and management; counseling on diet and physical activity; counseling on cessation of tobacco use; patient record cards; evidence-based recommendations on blood pressure, drug therapy and specific antihypertensives
    (38 pages, pdf 620kb)
  • Innovative Care for Chronic Conditions (ICCC) Framework
    Framework for health care to meet the needs of chronic conditions, prevention and disease management in health care settings
    (Web page with links to ICCC Summary: click on the language required)
  • WHO InfoDatabase for Non-communicable Diseases
    a data warehouse that collects, stores and displays information on chronic diseases and their risk factors (overweight/obesity, blood pressure, cholesterol, alcohol, tobacco use, fruit/vegetable intake, physical inactivity, diabetes) for all WHO member states. 1. Compare Countries using WHO Estimates for certain available risk factors and other indicators 2. Country Profile to look at the most recent most nationally representative data collected by a country on a risk factor 3. Search Surveys to look at all country collected data on risk factors that we have entered into the InfoBase
  • UN webpage on People with Disabilities