Management for health services delivery

Management of quality services: Waste management

For higher level managers

  • WHO core principles for achieving safe and sustainable management of health-care waste
    2007, WHO
    Recommendations for action by governments, donors, service delivery organisations, the private sector and NGOs.
    (2 pages, pdf 109KB)
  • Safe Healthcare Waste Management: Policy Paper
    2004, WHO
    Unsafe health-care waste management leads to death and disability; health-care waste management as a risk to health; balancing risks to make sound policy decisions in health-care waste management; guiding policy principles; strategy
    (2 pages, pdf 43KB)
  • Aide-Memoire: Safe Health-Care Waste Management
    2000, WHO
    National policy; comprehensive system; awareness and training; selection of options; checklist for action at national and local level
    (2 pages, pdf 73KB)
  • Mercury in Health Care: WHO Policy Paper
    2005, WHO
    Mercury is highly toxic, especially when metabolized into methyl mercury. Health-care facilities are one of the main sources of mercury release into the atmosphere because of emissions from the incineration of medical waste.
    (2 pages, pdf 33KB)
  • Health Care Waste Management: Guidance for the Development and Implementation of a
    National Action Plan

    2004, WHO
    Best practice, medium and long term plan; legal framework; roles and responsibilities; treatment processes; checklists
    (11 pages, pdf 81KB)
  • Preparation of National Health-Care Waste Management Plans in Sub-Saharan Countries:
    Guidance Manual

    2005, United Nations Environment Programme and WHO
    Supervision and management structures for health care waste; risks; definitions and classification; minimum observance for health care waste management; awareness and protective measures for staff and the environment; steps for conducting an assessment, developing a national health care waste management plan and implementing it.
    (Website with links to the whole manual {87 pages, pdf 1.1MB} or individual chapters )
  • Healthy Villages: A guide for Communities and Community Health Workers
    Guy Howard, 2002, WHO
    Achieving good health; water; excreta disposal; drainage; solid waste management and chemical safety; housing quality; personal, domestic and community hygiene; promoting hygiene; providing health care; establishing committees for thy village programmes; supporting healthy village initiatives
    (Website with links to individual chapters - total 120 pages)
  • Safe Management of Wastes from Health-care Activities
    A. Prüss, E. Giroult and P. Rushbrook (eds.), 1999, WHO
    Types of waste; impact; legistlation; management planning; waste minimization; recycling and reuse; handling; disposal; costs; training
    (Website with links to 19 sections: click on the underlined headings to get the information - 230 pages in total)
  • Teacher's Guide: Management of Wastes from Health-care Activities
    A. Prüss and W. K. Townsend, 1998, WHO
    This Teacher’s Guide accompanies the WHO publication Management of wastes from health-care activities (above). It provides teaching materials and recommendations for a three day training course, designed mainly for managers of health-care establishments, public health professionals and policy makers.
    (Website with links to the manual and overhead transparencies)