Management for health services delivery

Management of quality of care:
Monitoring and evaluation of quality of care

  • How can Hospital Performance be Measured and Monitored?
    Health Evidence Network, 2003, WHO Regional Office for Europe
    Quality improvement; principal methods; regulatory inspection; public satisfaction surveys; third-party assessment; statistical indicators; best evidence; public disclosure of performance data
    (17 pages, pdf 212kb)
  • Monitoring the Quality of Care in Family Planning
    2000, Measure Evaluation
    Quick investigation of quality is a practical, low-cost methodology for measuring quality of care in clinic-based family planning programs; Case studies in Turkey, Uganda and Zimbabwe
    (22 pages, pdf 1MB)
  • Methodology for Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Sector Reform in Latin America and the Caribbean
    Latin America and Caribbean Regional Health Sector Reform Initiative (LACHSR), 1998
    Monitoring the dynamics; monitoring the content: legal framework, access rights, decentralization, participation, financing, human resources, management, quality; evaluating results: equity, effectiveness, quality, efficiency, sustainability, participation and control
    (37 pages, pdf 95kb)
  • Quality Assessment and Assurance in Primary Health Care
    M. I. Roemer and C. Montoya-Aguilar, 1988
    Quality in the health system as a whole; quality as a specific feature of health care resources and activities; PHC health system environment and infrastructure; the who, what, when and where of assessment; problems encountered; indicators of quality; setting standards; sources of information; forms of support for quality assurance
    (120 pages, pdf 2.7MB)
  • Health facility survey
    Planning; preparation; forms; conducting; supervising; scenarios; data analysis; using information
    (Web page with links to 6 chapters, 7 annexes and forms: click on the underlined headings to download - 181 pages in total)
  • Monitoring Quality of Primary Care
    Quality Assurance Project (USAID)
    Quality monitoring issues; the importance of a systems view; measuring compliance with standards; definition of a monitoring system; establishing the quality monitoring system: a step-by-step approach; interpret and use results; design a data storage and retrieval system; disseminate information
    (35 pages, pdf 8.6MB)
  • The Quality Assurance Project: Measuring Quality
    The systems view; foundations of quality monitoring; ongoing monitoring versus spot checks; an incremental approach; establishing a quality monitoring system