Readings for a new hospital manager

Set 1: Short and concise

The set of 20 short readings are listed under the photograph.
If you seriously plan to undertake to read all of Set 1 for a new hospital manager ... ...

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Set 2: A bit more in-depth

The role of the hospital

Professional skills and social values

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Supply management

Managing human resources

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Service delivery

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Staff and patient safety

Monitoring and evaluation

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Set 3: Basic financial management reading

An Overview and Field Guide for District Management Teams
B. Engelbrecht, H. Jooste, G.Muller, T. Chababa and D. Muirhead, 2002, Department of Health, South Africa

This set of 8 guides (each around 3 to 8 pages):

Click each dimension on the framework to find resources on financial management containing that information. The readings can also be accessed below the framework

click for planning and budgeting Click for allocating budget Click for operating, monitoring and safeguarding Click for evaluating and reporting Click for District Management Click for financial regulations Click for financial management

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