Management for health services delivery

Management of resources and support systems:
Equipment, vehicles and building

‘How to Manage’ series

‘How to Manage’ Series for Healthcare Technology
funded by the UK government’s Department for International Development (DFID) for the benefit of developing countries. The output is the result of an international collaboration that brought together:
◆ researchers from Ziken International and ECHO International Health Services in the UK, and FAKT in Germany
◆ an advisory group from WHO, PAHO, GTZ, the Swiss Tropical Institute, and the Medical Research Council of South Africa
◆ reviewers from many countries in the developing world in order to identify best practice in the field of healthcare technology management.
(Please note that many of these are large PDF files that will take time to download)

  • How to Organize A System of Healthcare Technology Management
    pdf, 1.12Mb

    Andreas Lenel, Caroline Temple-Bird, Willi Kawohl, and Manjit Kaur, 2005
    Regulation and standards; standardization; technical and skill requirements; staff and workload requirements; incorporating HTM into general management; responsibilities at each level of service; monitoring progress
    (167 pages)
  • How to Plan and Budget for Your Healthcare Technology
    pdf, 1.89Mb

    Caroline Temple-Bird, Willi Kawohl, Andreas Lenel and Manjit Kaur, 2005
    Equipment inventory; stock value; usage of consumables; model equipment lists; purchasing, donations, replacement and disposal policies; generic equipment specifications; purchasing and replacing equipment; installation; operating and maintenance costs; training; long-term equipment plans;
    (229 pages)
  • How to Procure and Commission Your Healthcare Technology
    pdf, 2.42Mb

    Manjit Kaur, Trond Fagerli, Caroline Temple-Bird, Andreas Lenel, and Willi Kawohl, 2005
    Deciding when and what to procure; conformity to existing polices, plans and guidelines; choosing a purchasing method; identifying suitable suppliers; managing the procurement process; receiving and distributing goods; storing goods; monitoring progress
    (366 pages)
  • How to Manage The Finances of Your Healthcare Technology Management Teams
    pdf, 944kb

    Willi Kawohl, Caroline Temple-Bird, Andreas Lenel and Manjit Kaur, 2005
    Financial management cycle; operational plan and targets; budget process and format; activity-based accounting; financial monitoring tools and reports; financial decisions and action
    (133 pages)
  • How to Operate Your Healthcare Technology Effectively and Safely
    pdf, 1.60Mb

    Caroline Temple-Bird, Manjit Kaur, Andreas Lenel, and Willi Kawohl, 2005
    Accountability; effective use of equipment; staff skills; care and cleaning; safe operation; infection control; waste management; control of other hazards; calculating usage rates of consumables and accessories; security, maintenance and fault reporting; monitoring progress
    (241 pages)
  • How to Organize The Maintenance of Your Healthcare Technology
    pdf, 1.78Mb

    Caroline Temple-Bird, Manjit Kaur, Andreas Lenel, and Willi Kawohl, 2005
    Planned preventive maintenance; repairs and corrective maintenance; work allocation; recording maintenance work; tools and work facilities; spare parts and maintenance materials; staff skills and performance; monitoring progress
    (240 pages)