Management for health services delivery

Management of resources and support systems:
Equipment, vehicles and building

Technology assessment

  • Health Technology Assessment: An Introduction to Objectives, Role of Evidence, and Structure in Europe
    Marcial Velasco-Garrido and Reinhard Busse, 2005, European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies
    Evidence in assessment; assessing research; suitability of study design; direct and indirect links in causal pathways; summarizing research; relation between good evidence and recommendations
    (24 pages, pdf 661kb)
  • Health Technology Assessment
    Danish Centre for Health Technology Assessment, 2008, National Board of Health, Denmark
    This is an advanced text covering: HTA – Clarifications and planning, Ethical considerations, Literature searches, Assessment of literature, Data generation, analysis and assessment, The technology, The patient , The organization, The economy, Synthesis and utilization, Quality assurance and presentation
    (189 pages, pdf 1.58MB - this is a big PDF and will take time to download)