Management for health services delivery

Management of resources and support systems:
Financial management

Resource mobilization

  • A Guide to Fundraising
    doc, 183kb

    E.t Hayes, F. Alin, Li. Ginneken, 2008, Network Learning

    (14 pages, pdf 180kb)
  • Mobilizing Local Resources to Support Health Programs
    2007, Management Sciences for Health, USAID Washington DC
    Local resources can directly contribute to program implementation by complementing, strengthening, and extending existing resources. Assessing local resources, practical tips: think beyond money; build local skills; be cost-effective; keep records; focus on your mission.
    (2 pages, pdf 67kb)
  • Resource Mobilization
    Chapter 4 from: Guide to Strategic Planning for National Response to HIV/AIDS, 2000, UNAIDS
    Financial and human resources, goods and services; resource partners; maximizing available resources; mobilizing additional resources
    (24 pages, pdf 151kb)