Management for health services delivery

Management of resources and support systems:
Financial management

Online courses

  • Financial Management Glossary
    Management Sciences for Health
    Glossary of tools and techniques
  • Understanding Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Health Care
    Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, Free Courses
    This self-learning program provides a learning schedule, reading list, course notes, and quizz; have you got the motivation?
  • Free Online Management Training Modules on Financial Management
    Financial Management Training Centre, BossPeeps Business Management Directory
    On line text, review questions, test and materials for 17 different courses. Text can also be downloaded in Word or PDF.
  • Learning to Live with Health Economics
    Edited by H. Zöllner, G. Stoddart and C. Selby Smith, 2005, WHO Regional Office for Europe
    (1) Introduction - 18 pages (2) Economics of health - 80 pages (3) Economics of health system development - 109 pages (4) Economics of management and the process of change - 80 pages (5) Uesful economic tools - 64 pages (6) Economics as a tool for leaders - 67 pages
    (Website with links to 6 learning modules)