Management for health services delivery

Management of resources and support systems:
Information systems

Data quality and use

Using Data to Improve Service Delivery:
A Self-evaluation Approach

A. LaFond, E.Kleinau, L. Shafritz, S. Prysor-Jones, F. Mbodj, B. Traore, E. Dembele, M. Gueye, Dr. M. Bouaré and C. Snow, 2003, Center for Applied Research on Population and Development (USAID)
This guide will help frontline health workers to use the data already collected at health facilities to:
♦ Solve common problems in service delivery; and
♦ Improve their response to community needs.
It is intended for staff in community based health centers to make greater use of existing service data to improve health services. Services covered include: antenatal care, assisted delivery, preventive infant visit, childhood immunization, family planning, and community involvement in health care management; worksheets. The principles can be applied to other services.
The document has been split for easier download. Each part is between 10 and 30 pages.