Management for health services delivery

Management of resources and support systems:
Human resources

Skill mix and workload

  • Skill Mix in the Health Care Workforce: Reviewing the Evidence
    James Buchan and Mario R. Dal Poz, WHO, Bulletin of the World Health Organization 2002;80:575-580.
    Skill mix determinants; overlap between doctors and other types of health workers; introducing new types of workers; scope for extending the use of nursing staff
    (6 pages, pdf 83kb)
  • Determining Skill Mix: Practical Guidelines for Managers and Health Professionals
    James Buchan, Fiona O’May, 2000, Human Resources for Health Development Journal; 4:2;111-118
    Changing skill mix is not a panacea for all the ills of an organisation. It has a role to play in improving organisational effectiveness and quality of care; Four phases of the skill mix cycle are described: evaluating the need for change; identifying the opportunities and barriers for change; planning for change; and making change happen. skill mix is not just a technical exercise. It is a method of achieving organisational change which requires careful planning, communication, implementation and evaluation if it is to achieve its objectives
    (10 pages, pdf 74kb)
  • Determining Skill Mix in the Health Workforce: Guidelines for Managers and Health Professionals
    pdf, 120kb

    James Buchan, Jane Ball and Fiona O’May, 2000, WHO/EIP/OSD/00.11
    Approaches, contextual factors, country case studies, framework for decision-making, guidelines for managers
    (37 pages, pdf 120kb)
  • Setting Safe Nurse Staffing levels
    Cherill Scott, Royal College of Nursing
    UK nurse workforce planning; planning approaches; workload assessment and management systems; professional conduct; patient safety; skill mix
    (36 pages, pdf 295kb)
  • Workload Indicators of Staffing Need (WISN). A Manual for Implementation
    pdf, 495kb

    Peter J. Shipp, 1998, WHO/HRB/98.2
    Method and its uses, principles and policy/management uses, steps in design and implementation, setting activity times or standards for health staff
    (131 pages)